Re: [-empyre-] Defining metacreation...

re. Metacreation... the term is stirring up some reaction; below is a grab from [spectre] which briefly explains my intended meaning..

Melinda, something could appear abusive in the term "metacreation" stricly
applied regarding to life-art and more to artificial life.

Don't you think so ? "Meta" literally : what comes after, what succeeds...

Aliette I think my intention was simpler than your critique! In the book, metacreation is used to refer to a particular tendency within a-life art - something that I argue is a characteristic motivator of this practice. "Meta" here relates to recursion or self-referentiality. Metacreation is the creation of creation. For a-life artists this is the practice of creating systems which are themselves (somehow) creative. This is an ideal, an aspiration, rather than a reality, for there are real limits on the extent of that metacreation... but it's an important desire in this field (and actually, I would argue, in almost all generative art).

re. a-life as art/science: Paul has already made the point about the shared / merged history. It's also true that a-life is far from a 'hard' or establishment scientific practice. I'd suggest that its roots are in West-coast US culture & Santa Fe Institute interdisciplinarity; and that most mathematicians and physicists would still regard a-life as a fairly way-out endeavour. This is apart from the basic artfulness of a-life science methodology (based on synthesis rather than analysis). Nell Tenhaaf's writing is useful on this point; like Paul she characterises a-life as an artful and post-modern science.

Mitchell Whitelaw Program Director, Media / Multimedia Production University of Canberra

On 05/11/2004, at 9:00 PM, Jose-Carlos Mariategui wrote:

Dear Friends:

I do believe we must seriously and rigorously define "metacreation". What
does Mitchell exactly means with his title. There are a lot of wordings
that we normally impose when the thing is not the same as it was before.

In that sense I do believe Artificial life works (or creations, or
'metacreations') are relevant when we take it to analyze some future
premises for our society or when we develop a new kind of order or

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