Re: [-empyre-] Welcome to Metacreation: Art and Artificial Life

Finally, it's my pleasure to introduce Paul Brown, our first guest artist.

Mitchell asked me to prepare a brief statement and here it is. More at my website:

Opening Statement:

My works are based in a field of computational science called
Cellular Automata or CA's.  These are simple systems that can
propagate themselves over time.  CA's are part of the origins of
the discipline known as Artificial Life or A-life.  I have been
interested in CA's and their relationship to tiling and symmetry
systems since the late 1960's.

Over the past 30 years I have applied these systems to
time-based artworks, prints on paper and large-scale public

Rather than being constructed or designed, these works "evolve".
I look forward to a future where computational processes like the
ones that I build will themselves make artworks without the need
for human intervention. The creation of such processes is
something that has always fascinated me.

An in depth description of my working methods is contained my
chapter Stepping Stones in the Mist in the book Creative
Evolutionary Systems edited by Peter Bentley and which is also on
my website:

Paul Brown          PO Box 413, Cotton Tree QLD 4558, Australia  
mob 0419 72 74 85                           fax +1 309 216 9900
Visiting Fellow - Birkbeck

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