Re: [-empyre-] Defining metacreation...

More I think of this term applied to life-art or artificial life, more it
does not appear to me as a relevant global name (I mean as concept) but only
showing to a part of your object.

I think I agree. The term is really meant as a "tag" for an aspect of this specific practice... but still an important aspect. On the other hand, I think it is in some sense a "global" concept or at least a tendency... creation's will to creation... which is reflected in other forms as well.

Or you would tell of organic creative conmittment? "the practice of creating
systems which are themselves (somehow) creative" do you mean by a generative structure (as a
creative langage of the process not depending of the matter of fact), or an
organic structure (without divide between the content and the creative

I think I mean the latter. "Generative" as in grammar, seems to me to be a permutational kind of generativity, an exhausting of combinations. The generativity that a-life art seeks is more like a surprise, a spark, the moment of emergence. More organic, certainly, and without a form/content divide.

And I have another question: where do you place the environment of the
creation? Is it about the very computer, about the society, etc.? make they
part of the creation " méta " or not? For example, is it about tools, about
constituents or components, about addressees? Etc....

The question of environment is a powerful one. Some a-life / art systems are tightly sealed - the computer is its own environment. Others (eg Sommerer and Mignonneau) are transparently interactive (though in finite ways). Often in either case "environment" is a very limited figure, reduced to a few parameters, or a static, empty field, or a handful of interacting "species". A lovely counterexample to this is the way organism and environment can sometimes be fused into a single dynamic, self-constraining system (more like our ecosystems perhaps). Driessens and Verstappen, and especially Mauro Annunziato, do this - both are joining us later in the month...


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