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Regarding metacreation and authorship:

Good questions all, and I don't offer answers... my only comment would be that in my research it seemed that different artists approached these systems with different notions of authorship. William Latham for example writes of being the "father" of his works, even if someone else is using his software to make them. On the other hand Karl Sims is more relaxed about turning his system over to the public in an installation...

In general I think artists will try to have it both ways - to both claim and disclaim authorship. For some metacreation is an amplification of creative will, for others it's a surrendering of creative will.

I don't think authorship per se is up for grabs (if it's still up for grabs at all)



* Which is to be considered the work of art, the
first creation, the metacreation, or both?

* Considering the metacreation is not directly
created by the artist but by his/her creation,
who is the author of the metacriation? The author
of the first creation or the first creation itself?

* If one person/group creates a piece of software
capable of generating metacreations, and another
person/group uses that piece of software to
generate new creations, who can claim authorship?
The first person/group? The second person/group?
The software itself?

* Should metacreation surpass the concept of
authorship? And what concept would replace it?

Nemo Nox

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