[-empyre-] tangent: software / conceptual art

On 07/11/2004, at 7:21 AM, Paul Brown wrote:

Sol Lewitt's quote in 67 also influenced me:  "the idea
becomes a machine that makes the art".

A quick historical link-up which shows a parallel circuit to the one of Paul's practice: happened across some work yesterday by US generative/code artist Casey Reas, in which he begins by implementing some of LeWitt's wall drawings, in code (with LeWitt's permission). This is part of a wider investigation on Reas' part, of parallels between conceptual and software art. See http://artport.whitney.org/commissions/softwarestructures/map.html

Of course before LeWitt's instructions there were the instruction pieces of Fluxus... like LaMonte Young's "draw a straight line and follow it." Florian Cramer notes the parallel with code art here http://beehive.temporalimage.com/content_apps43/cramer/oooo.html


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