RE: [-empyre-] tangent: software / conceptual art

> 4. Is it artificial life or a metaphor - here are we in expert
> languages? I
> do not think so - java, Flash etc... In fact, could be an artificial light
> as dynamics : because the movement of this life begins only as
> you switch on
> (connecting) the subject. Could be perpetual life by a perpetual
> connection
> ? that would not be the life which has no sense without a beginning and a
> end - even artificial - but a predictable machine.
> 5. Throwing a critical hypothesis against the ideas agreed by the
> generative
> programming and the genetic theory : Life is unpredictable before
> the death
> making it retropredictable only ( all the contrary of 'meta :) Could it be
> another challenge in conceptual development - or not -and if not : why?

I like these questions from Aliette. Is 'artificial life' primarily in
reference to the algorithmic or is the life of art essential to interesting
'artificial life'? Adding to the quote that 'the idea is a machine that
creates the art' (67) i'll throw in the william carlos williams quote,
probably earlier, that 'a poem is a machine made out of words'.

i have been making 'animisms' for some years now, which i think of as
kinetic poetry with soul.


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