Re: [-empyre-] Thank you to the members of the USDAT

yes - thanks Randall,

I have been so busy lately, but have been following/reading/enjoying the input by others and the US Department of Art & Technology. Some thought provoking conceptions have of the most interesting discussions that I have observed on here for a long time (personally). It ventured beyond the academic/art circling trap, and introduced some pretty explorative questioning bringing about much reflective thinking, on my part...

thanks again


Dear -empyreans-

Let us bid a belated goodbye and thanks to the representatives of the US
Department of Art and Technology.  Despite the failed regime-change in the
US, their social and political commentary, and questions of identity and
power will remain with us.

You may continue to follow the work of Randall Packer and the members of the

the -empyre- administration

empyre forum

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