[-empyre-] We Will Continue the Good Fight

Thank you Jeff Gates, thank you Trace Reddell, thank you Abe Golam, and thank you to all on the Empyre List for a stimulating and compassionate dialogue on politics and the power of art and the artist. We have lost the election but we will not lose the battle...

To all of you committed to the Good Fight, the war against war wages on. As I said in my recent speech at White Box in New York City: "art must not be petrified in the art world; its true spirit must take flight in the sudden arrival of freedom and the endless possibilities it seems to offer."

Four more years of George W. Bush means four more years of the US Department of Art & Technology. Yes, I am one of the cabinet members who will continue with the administration, and here at the Department, we have ambitious plans to bring about real transformation in the social and political sphere.

Yes, I vow to push an aggressive social agenda in my second term, beginning with new 21st century tactics to awaken the disenfranchised and activate the aesthetic hyperculture.

We can make a difference: I came here to Washington to get some things done, and we're doing it.

Stay tuned.


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