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There's a mass of freeware tools for exploring a-life techniques... check out

Some of these are "creative" tools, and some aren't... if you are interested in images I would recommend Tatsuo Unemi's SBART - similar to Karl Sims' image breeder (though the grammar is not so rich). SBART is here - (but note that the Mac OSX download link is incorrect - it should be

To develop original processes, there's not much alternative to programming in some form... there are learner-friendly options; people use Flash and Director; a nice freeware option that I've started using is Processing ( Very cool, easy programming, compiles to Java. There are some a-life examples on the web site.

On 10/11/2004, at 12:09 PM, Nemo Nox wrote:

What are the available tools for artists interested in working with metacreation but with no programming skills?

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