Re: [-empyre-] a-life poetic moments

my life has been full of poetic moments
seeing/hearing/experiencing lucio agra's poetry at e-Poetry2001
was one of those moments
as gaston bachelard wrote,
a poetic moment
that moment before interpretation
that moment of realisation of the infinite potential of that which i am
that moment of glimpsing 'the virtual', poetry.

not a sublime experience
which is partially an interpretive response
searching the mind's database of memories
of not having anything to compare what i am experiencing to
a-life experiences have given me poetic moments
standing before
camille utterback's textrain
catching letters with my hands
grabbing groups to make words
letting them slip through my fingers
laura giannitrapani's tango dancers
wearing vr glasses
the dancers came out of their stained glass 2d surface
and danced around me as i approached
richard brown's mimetic starfish
just watching the video of an installation
the tentacles seemingly reaching out to touch
retracting when anyone tried to touch
and online
poetic moments abound
jason nelson's poetry
reiner strasser
jess loseby
mark amerika's holo-x (no longer avail;able online)
nicholas clauss's
mez breeze's work
anna maria uribe
in fact, everytime i surf, i get poetic moments, each time i follow a
suggested link from jim andrews or from rhizome artbase or from webartery
where-ever, i can't help being engaged by what i come across, can't help
being challenged as to what is possible.

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