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That is following looks to be good for me:) Isn't a-life as this basic

Researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial life (A-Life)
make their living by modelling, copying or adapting systems from biology.
The combination of human ingenuity and the explosion in computer power has
created a host of creations that take as their starting point anything from
human intelligence and emotions to genetic inheritance and evolution.

"Traditional" AI grew out of efforts to crack enemy codes in the Second
World War. It aimed to capture human intelligence by following vast lists of
rules programmed into a computer. Today, this approach is best known for
creating Deep Blue, the computer that beat the chess world champion Garry
Kasparov in 1997.

But this strategy has serious limitations because it seems unlikely to
produce anything that really resembles human intelligence. Instead, a new
wave of AI is slowly making its mark. It relies to a large extent on coaxing
complex behaviours from the interaction of simple components. So, for
example, networks of artificial brain cells can learn and recognise
patterns. Already such neural networks are advising financial wizards about
investing their money and helping doctors to diagnose cancer.

A-Life focuses not so much on human biology but on biology in its widest
sense. It has already given birth to such strange things as robots that work
in teams, machines that evolve and virtual creatures that learn, age, breed
and die. Today, biologists study evolution in virtual worlds, computers are
protected from malicious viruses by artificial immune systems, and in
Oxford, a heart made from millions of software cells is teaching doctors
things about medicine that no living heart could have done. Prepare to have
your mind boggled...

What do you think of that for your part?

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> aliette
> you have a definition of a-life perhaps?
> vous avez une définition de l'un-vie peut-être?
> Sie haben eine Definition des Einlebens möglicherweise?
> ¿usted tiene una definición de la uno-vida quizás?
> avete una definizione di un-vita forse?
> você tem uma definição da um-vida talvez?
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