Re: [-empyre-] a-life poetic moments

a-life experiences have given me poetic moments

Perhaps the truest form of a-life poetry currently on the loose, are the perfectly banal texts of virus emails. It's no stretch to propose that these are the reproductive organs of engineered virii - they are the flowers, and hapless humans are the pollinators; they entice us, and we trigger their reproduction. Only difference is that bees etc. get some real benefit (food) out of pollinating flowers... hopefully a sign that virii are not (yet) sustainable lifeforms...

One of my favourite pieces is Maciej Wisniewski's Turnstile II:

Try leaving it on as a screen saver for a few hours...

Poetry via net art.  Although it's not "alife art" the
serendipity of the chance encounters of lines can often be very effective
and sometimes profound.

and a warning - the search terms it uses mean its contents and links
(each line links to a source) are often from porno sites!
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