Re: [-empyre-] meta view

I'm sorry if my careless use of the word 'humorously' implied that the idea
was silly - far from it.  One of the interesting aspects of the field is that
the same toolset that is used to "make" art can also be used to analyse
concepts like creativity and aesthetics.

This is not a silly idea, in fact some people working with artificial evolution have discussed the idea of a population of artificial "critics" which also evolve, and in fact co-evolve with the artwork. Image breeder Steven Rooke (apprently offline now) was one of these... Steven's work has always been concerned with a quite metaphysical idea of "beyond".

Rob Saunder's work is of interest in this regard:

(the pdf file referred to is over 25MB BTW!)

Also of interest:


Also try googling "computational aesthetics" (no quotes) for an
interesting set of links.

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