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> If one was to extrapolate a discussion from this, it might be about which
> criteria for quality should be applied to art that uses a-life strategies.
> Would good a-life art be the projects with the best science, the most
> consistent artistic vision, the best algorithms, the best visual/aural
> representation etc etc?

To me, 'good' associates with the sense that the artist has taken a critical
trace through the territory of his or her working field.
In this regard its not necessary to cast lots in uncertainties like  'best

 -- Maybe like the 'diagram' inserted into the site/program as architect
Peter Eisenman described his method ---  conceptually driven art practice is
an insertion into a medium or theme, which, in the absence of the artist,
leaves a trace,  inside which those of us who encounter the art, must move
and query and struggle.  Inside this trace,  is always the negation of
meaning alongside and within the's this double helix, or mobius
strip, of there and not-there that signals the presence of something real in
art. This is as true of painting as of a-life, I think.

 Speaking more personally though I must say its a rich experience to work
with 'good science' and a good scientist' like my colleague Dr Jay Ham at
Kansas State University for slipstreamkonza.   His uncanny ability to see a
dynamic slew of numbers where everyone else sees just grass, together with
the very rigourous agenda of his own research on micro climate change has
kept us on our toes.



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