RE: [-empyre-] a-life poetic moments

> > "truest" to what? to a mechanical notion of a-life?
> >
> Simply to a technical or disciplinary definition of a-life (ie, poetry
> that actually displays or manifests properties of a-life).
> > good ideas spread via mutual consent, not by forcing things on people
> > they
> > don't want and are harmful.
> and virii are certainly not good ideas... my intention was simply to
> point out that to take the organic analogy seriously, as a-life art
> does, results in something more problematic than a "well formed whole"
> as in Coleridge's (for eg) organicism... life will do as it will (and
> can)...

fulfilling technical or disciplinary definitions just isn't enough for art
or poetry, Mitchell.

the 'life' we associate with a work of art is very different from the
technical definition of a-life. i would think that both meanings of 'life'
would be important to a-life as art. would you agree? particularly in their
relation to one another.


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