Re: [-empyre-] making a meta-living

Hi Paul,

I'm sorry to jump in here (I'm usually just a lurker on these lists :)

I once said to Alan Sondheim (who fell apart afterwards) that I could draw
a straight line through a graph that included Giotto, Michaelangelo,
Courbet, Monet, Cezanne, Seurat, Leger, Richter, Lissitzky,
Malevich, Mondriaan, Beiderman, LeWitt, Flavin, Riley (etc..) and
what concerns me lies on the extension of that line.
What lies on the extension of that line?

It seems that plenty of the artists cited in your lineage were engaged in what could be deemed, 'novelty' at their time, whether fashionable or otherwise. And whether lovers or haters of, 'BritArt' it's perhaps a bit too soon for us to generalise and say that all the artists falling under this umbrella term are actually stuck in a culdesac!

Perhaps I have less faith in the Authority of History than you.


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