[-empyre-] Introducing: Mauro Annunziato & Ken Rinaldo

Switching to "host" mode for a moment...

It's my pleasure to introduce two more guest a-life artists to the list. Mauro Annunziato and Ken Rinaldo represent some of the diversity within a-life art, as well as some of the commonalities. Mauro's work with "artificial societies" of graphical agents, produces elegant and intricate two-dimensional images. Ken works in robotic and bio-robotic sculpture, creating interactive, autonomous, engaging systems which exemplify his aspirations for a sustainable fusion between biological and technological systems. I will hand over to them to send opening statements, and perhaps give a personal perspective on the discussion so far.

Also I'd like to thank Paul Brown for his generous and unflinching contributions so far as designated "guest" - I hope you'll hang around Paul and continue the discussion.

So on with the show...


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