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Art as Bourdieu pointed out in Distinction etc. - forgive me, I'm writing on a PDA, there will be errors - is a discursive formation or formations dependent on cultural and economic capital and their complex interactions. The people you mention were purists within a framework - the framework is critical. I rememvber talking w/ Donald Kuspit about LeWitt for example - and his relationship to kantianism; for me at the same time his work was a withdrawal from the violence of Vietnam, the postulation of an inconceivable alterity (re Levinas). It's like math - looks clean enough but once you let Brouwer and Godel and their descendents in, it gets messy enough.

Art's never syntactical; the intrinsic and extrinsic mix in discourse. How else would one understand for example Andre's Lever - were it not for the reams of dialog (and non-dialog) generated around it when it was exhibited at the Tate? THAT's what makes art exciting - the swirl of the objects, their distributions in all sorts of modes, the contestations, etc. It keeps me going.

Purity makes me shudder - too much what Kristeva discusses in Powers of Horror -

Alan, for the modd, dirty, etc.

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Paul Brown wrote:

Alan - in an attempt to attract you out of your lurkership (or an
invitation to reply to me offlist) I'd be interested to know: if you
don't believe in pure art (apropos my def. as art about art versus art
with some "non intrinsic" content) where/how do you categorise artists
like (for eg.) Albers or Max Bill?

Just want to say I don't believe for a second in pure art, nor do I think that art follows lineage necessarily at all. I also think a hell of a lot of the art going on today in the galleries is terrific and that competition helps make it so, whether online or off - and for that matter, real and virtual are more or less smashing together.

That said, I'm going back to silence - too many enemies on this list.

- Alan
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