[-empyre-] Long Bio for Mauro Annunziato

Mauro Annunziato founded the media art-science group "PLANCTON in '94 with
Piero Pierucci focussing the research on the creative and aesthetical
potentialities of chaos and artificial life, the relation between art and
science, mind and society, communication and interaction. The artworks of
Plancton have been diffused in art-science-technology international contexts
(Imagina, Siggraph, Imagine, Generative Art, Alife, Opera Totale,
Virtuality, VIDA, Experimenta, Interface, DART) presenting images,
installations, papers and art performances, receiving recognition and
honorary mentions, trying to promote an international art movement inspired
to artificial societies and complexity (organization of art-alife workshops,
exhibitions and editor of special issues).

The expressive activity is strongly fused with the scientific research. At
the moment he is  director of a research laboratory of ENEA (artificial
intelligence, chaos, neural networks, artificial life). He published about
100 papers, presentations in conferences and seminars, book chapters and
reports mainly in the scientific field but also in art contexts.

For the scientific and artistic results, Annunziato has been mentioned by
NASA-JPL in 2000 as one of the 60 artist-scientist selected for a cultural
contribution to the Mars Millennium project (100 humans on Mars in 2030; see
at web site http://mmp.planetary.org/scien).  An artwork of Mauro Annunziato
is recently published on the front-back cover of the Leonardo Int. Journal
(MIT Press, July 2004).

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