[-empyre-] Greetings from the US Department of Art & Technology

Welcome empyre members. And thank you Michael, Melinda and the rest of the empyre team for hosting the US Department of Art & Technology. We appreciate this opportunity to voice our concerns and aspirations in these times of extraordinary crisis as we head into one of the most crucial elections in memory. Perhaps ever!

I would like to introduce two of my partners-in-crime (other US DAT staff members will be forthcoming), Deputy Secretary, Jeff Gates and Trace Reddell, Director of the Bureau of Pharmakogeographical Surveying. Jeff is the creator of WeTheBlog.org, a forum that has taken on great importance in the Department's vital job of promoting the role of the artist in society. As Jeff modestly explains, "WetheBlog.org offers discussion among media artists, cultural critics and other creative people who are repositioning themselves as new leaders in the governance of this planet. Read about it, talk about it, act on it, - and be part of a political awakening."

Trace is well known for his Pharmakogeographical explorations, who advocates systems of varied media ambiences "diverting [mass media] from its current roadmap to manufactured similitude through an hallucinatory recycling of composted media content."

Here at empyre, our plan is to instigate discussion and various forms of provocative and sometimes revolutionary discourse on the state of the political environment and humanity in general as we head into the election on November 2nd.

We intend to invent explosive material to toss into the political-economic bunkers here on the empyre list, and bridge this commentary with our multimedia critique on WeTheBlog.org. Just yesterday, Jeff posted video documentation of George W. from the now infamous "split-screen" controversy swirling around the presidential debate. As Jeff pointed out, "the debate rules were designed to obfuscate and neutralize the candidates' differences -an injustice to the American people trying to make a difficult decision." We now see the power of the media to both neutralize and highlight these differences, a balancing act upon which our democracy now finds itself teetering...

Please join us as we head down what already appears to be a tumultuous path towards the election (and perhaps the End of the World depending upon the outcome). If you should desire a moment of diversion and anarchic entertainment, please tune in to the Media Deconstruction Kit (http://www.experimentalparty.org/mdk) where Fox News is being manipulated and re-broadcast on-line, live and real-time. Fair and balanced cultural appropriation! Or, should you be inclined to voice your opinion on the daily threat condition of the US Government, please visit Jonah Brucker-Cohen's Homeland Insecurity Advisory System (http://www.usinsecurity.us), another of the Department's initiatives.

And if we're really lucky, perhaps Abe Golam might rear his devilish head!

Thank you for having us.

Randall M. Packer
Secretary, US Department of Art & Technology

US Department of Art & Technology

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