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Michael, thank you for your introduction. I'm looking forward to the 
discussions on empyre!

The first presidential debate was energizing for many of us liberal and 
global thinking types. I was particularly interested in how the media 
effected what we saw and how we perceived the candidates last Thursday 

Here's what I wrote to our We the Blog mailing list when I posted the
first two of three post-debate pieces:

After watching the Presidential debate I noticed something interesting:         
every network televised the program just a little differently.                  
Some showed split screen reaction shots of the other candidate and some         
did not. Some showed full screen reaction shots while others did not.           
It made a difference in how you perceived each contender.                       
I give you two new We the Blog essays: "Split Screen Decisions" speaks          
to the media's effect on our perceptions and "Anatomy of a Decision"            
tells the quandary I found myself in when I approached the Washington           
Post about publishing my first piece. 

Split Screen Decisions:

Anatomy of a Decision:

Best, Jeff
Jeff Gates

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