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Simon: would you be interested in a position in the Department as Official Wordsmith and Speech Crafter? Perhaps an Under Secretary role... You have brilliantly captured our efforts to articulate multiple layerings of meaning as socio-poetic antidote to the pervasiveness of bureau-speak that threatens us as a free, imaginative, and creative people!


Dear Empyre,
Firstly, I would like to thank <<empyre>> for hosting USDAT and opening up
contexts and throughputs for discussion which have hitherto remained rather
blank spots (for me) simply in terms of links and inputs of information
about what kind of mobilisation is at work inside the US in the virtual wake
that precedes - in the virtual prolepsis of science fiction - the long and
rapturous funereal spree of the presidential elections. Fortress Washington
remains rather taciturn, laconic, to the extent of NY's self-congratulatory
but revelatory loquacity. At first glance a virtual State Department is a
local take on NSK's autonomous artistic state but I see, on closer notice,
that USDAT sits very much within an internal debate and spreads not a word
or letter before-the-letter that cannot be immediately recuperated by the
State in its moment of authoritative auguration as nothing other than
itself. The founding moment still works as the monument - in petris (?) -
lapidary - of the founding Fathering. But I don't know: am I responding to
the astounding literalism - technoliteralism - of that cultural difference
requires founding and fathering?
Secondly, it's always a rise, however anodyne, to meet a culture, however
virtually, so avowedly - liberally - paving its way with the best of
intentions. And secure in its own identity if not its big 'it' of having
asked for 'it': global threat and international partnership at the level of
Thirdly - and I'm sure I've breached the netiquette in not doing so
before-this-letter - I should introduce myself as a New Zealander (yes, our
government still seeks the Holy Grail of a Free Trade Agreement with the US
despite what it's done for blooded Canada) and a dramatist, director of
Stronghold Theatre Company since 1992.
simon taylor

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