Re: [-empyre-] WHO DAT? AN WHO US?

Free Tirade Agreement it is! I'll have to issue an executive order... because I sense everywhere I go, including this list, that there is enormous pent-up, cynicism waiting to be released. We need a Grand Catharsis and this sounds just the thing!


But of course, Randall. Howard Barker, the English dramatist, once stated -
possibly in socio-poetic self-defense - 'complexity is itself a political
position of some strength' - but then at the time there was a left left.
Are you proposing a Free Tirade Agreement? Or do disinformation and the
application of deconstructive strategies suffice in the artistic-engagement

 Simon: would you be interested in a position in the Department as
 Official Wordsmith and Speech Crafter? Perhaps an Under Secretary
 role... You have brilliantly captured our efforts to articulate
 multiple layerings of meaning as socio-poetic antidote to the
 pervasiveness of bureau-speak that threatens us as a free,
 imaginative, and creative people!


 >Dear Empyre,
 >Firstly, I would like to thank <<empyre>> for hosting USDAT and opening
>contexts and throughputs for discussion which have hitherto remained
 >blank spots (for me) simply in terms of links and inputs of information
 >about what kind of mobilisation is at work inside the US in the virtual
>that precedes - in the virtual prolepsis of science fiction - the long
>rapturous funereal spree of the presidential elections. Fortress
>remains rather taciturn, laconic, to the extent of NY's
 >but revelatory loquacity. At first glance a virtual State Department is a
 >local take on NSK's autonomous artistic state but I see, on closer
>that USDAT sits very much within an internal debate and spreads not a
 >or letter before-the-letter that cannot be immediately recuperated by the
 >State in its moment of authoritative auguration as nothing other than
 >itself. The founding moment still works as the monument - in petris (?) -
 >lapidary - of the founding Fathering. But I don't know: am I responding
>the astounding literalism - technoliteralism - of that cultural
 >requires founding and fathering?
 >Secondly, it's always a rise, however anodyne, to meet a culture, however
 >virtually, so avowedly - liberally - paving its way with the best of
 >intentions. And secure in its own identity if not its big 'it' of having
 >asked for 'it': global threat and international partnership at the level
 >Thirdly - and I'm sure I've breached the netiquette in not doing so
 >before-this-letter - I should introduce myself as a New Zealander (yes,
>government still seeks the Holy Grail of a Free Trade Agreement with the
 >despite what it's done for blooded Canada) and a dramatist, director of
 >Stronghold Theatre Company since 1992.
 >simon taylor
 >empyre forum

 empyre forum

empyre forum

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