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Even if not shedding new light, to shed any light at all in these times is,
I fear, remarkable. The very wonderous thing this administration has done is
to speak to, grab hold of and keep the "sweet spot" of the intellegence bell
curve where intelectual savvy is not required and whose capacity for
manipulation is utterly predictable.
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> I think there's a very clear understanding of the power of the media
> and has been for a long time in academic, publishing, art, media,
> etc. fields. I just don't think this "rhetoric" is effectual, in my
> opinion it's not shedding any new light. I think this strategy echoes
> a political activist art practice that worked well in the 80's and
> early 90's, but we're in a different even more media savvy time that
> I think demands an even more stealth approach.

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