Re: [-empyre-] Do You Still Own Your Reality? (forwarded from Geri Wittig)

On a psychological level it's
> going to be important to help boost any momentum that is being gained by the
> Bush opposition, as it's going to be very important for getting out those
> left leaning voters who do not support Bush's policies, but who haven't
> voted in years because they've become disillusioned with the system and have
> gone into inaction. Critique is vital, but without action and
> acknowledgement of the successes that that action may be attaining, the
> critique is futile.
> geri wittig

i think that being disillusioned, as you said is the beginning of the power of a person like bush..
it's the beginning as the beginning of bad things is in the ignorance
and in triviality...
and if you care democracy you have to take care that trivial people (like hitler) keep away from power...
maybe these are only abstract words but here in italy we don't have any more indymedia because of the partnership between Berluconi and Bush...
FBI took the server of indymedia italia, and all the other organization that are good and that managed to let me know a list like Empyre..
all the organization (,,) that took part of the convention "hackmeeting 2004" in april in the Buridda lab. in Genova are token away from the web by the FBI.
the group of legal support for genova 2001 doesn't have the data for doing his work
and that is terrible for me and my kind of people in italy...

this is the comunication in english

and this is the web site of some frends of sicily... if like to read.

maybe this is not in the topic...
if i'm wrong posting that say it to me...
so i can make better..

agnese camellini

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