Re: [-empyre-] of J-D and of/ what he leaves between

time unfolds a secret
housed within the everydayness
of flows at slower speeds,
gebilds gestalts become the bearers of a trace expressionofitself
like Derrida gone at 74
his ousia-parousiaed gramme of daddy-deconstruction
redisseminating impossibilities into undecidables
differanced punning play
withinwithout the text of grammapragmatological tasks of de-conception
equal to its interlacing stitch, back-and-forth inheritance of a
as woven sous-rature becoming-space of time becoming-time of space
prays temporizing neologizing chains of nonsynonymoussubstitutions
into blankets of nearandfarness, fits Hamlet's roque reprise
that 'time is out of joint'  like some mystical malaise of knot-belonging,
being in it, yet not of it by the simultaneous largeandsmall
of exagerated allatoncenesses across a wireless stream of outsighs
that disrupt the flux of

    "...time outside itself, beside itself, unhinged; it is not gathered
together in its place, in its present" (Derrida & F)


    "Our time is perhaps the time in which it is no longer so easy for us to
say 'our time'." (Derrida & F)

Possibility of academic thinkers becoming untimely,
shouting 'systems do not work' until they fail

    "...the interpretation of history as development, in which something
that is contemporary to itself -self-contemporary- can succeed something
that is past. Paradoxically, the idea of contemporaneity as a relationship
reconciled with itself in the 'now' of a present is in fact a classical
idea, and belongs to all that is not contemporary, from Plato to Hegel: it
is precisely what is put into question by the 'contemporaries'. For
Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, there is no 'now us' - this dislocation,
which may well be more vividly experienced by the philosophers we call
'contemporaries' than by the others, is what interests me." (Derrida & F)

And no final solutions and never to arrive
co-terminus within unending chainsofsubstitutions for untimely thoughts
within the guise of academecontaining no 'now us' pouring into
processed research ethics that re sound with Appollinaire's zoned
from across a derridean-deleuzeguattarian sideways slide of hope in

      " an attempt to train the beam of analysis onto
this disjointing link" (Derrida & F)

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