Re: [-empyre-] Do You Still Your Own Reality?

What I am saying, Brett, is that when a visual is iconic within a culture 
(and by that I mean easily identifiable by people) it because easier for 
artists to use that image for their own social critiques.

I don't see this as handing the market a free ride. 


On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, Brett Stalbaum wrote:

> Do these ipod examples fit the idea of jamming "any such (nearly 
> psychotic) right-wing reality distortions (using them as art supplies 
> and comic fodder - seemingly easy to do)", or are they in some sense an 
> analytic tools; the skinning of an ipod helping people situate their 
> readings of the real in a manner more congruent with the real?
> Or are you proposing another model, where "successful art practice in 
> this regards happens when the work becomes 'iconic' in the culture"? You 
> may indeed be proposing this, and if so, I would like to point out that 
> this is the market-finding-its-own-best-solution model; further that one 
> of the major fantasies of the neo-conservative today is that the 
> "invisible hand of the market place" is worthy of the same faith, 
> reverence and deference as their God. Jesus rules, and Fox News rules. 
> Reskin that.
> Jeff Gates wrote:
> > Brett, the most successful art practice in this regards happens when the
> > work becomes "iconic" in the culture. And then, when it is reskinned by
> > others after that. While this is not non-commercial art, the reskinning of
> > Apple's iPod ads using an Abu Gareb silhouette is one example. Then moving
> > on to this:
> > 
> > Jeff

Jeff Gates

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