[-empyre-] September on -empyre-: Locative City

Dear -empyreans-

September on -empyre-: Locative City  ... Starts Sept 1/2 ...

-empyre- joins city stories to locative media and narrative archaeology in

Using locative media  to "read" a space with gps and wireless technology.
artists Jeremy Hight, Jeff Knowlton and Naomi Spellman (US)  dig into deep
city spaces.  Marking narrative triggers through locative media, they draw
many lines --from archaeology, fiction, architecture, and design --into the
urban terrain. 


Their new  locative media artwork "34 north 118 west" uses gps data and
interactive map that triggers live data through movement in downtown LA and
has, in 2004, won the the grand jury prize award, AIM V/ Art in Motion
Festival in Los Angeles <http://www.usc.edu/dept/matrix/aim/aimv/>
Collaborative artworks have also shown at LA Freewaves, Futuresonic, and
online at <http://www.mediatopia.net/>

Naomi and Jeff will debut a new GPS based 'interpretive engine' next month
at Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art and the City, In New York City

About the artists
 ------------------->LA based Jeremy Hight is a writer fascinated by the
 weather <http://thepharmakon.org/RightAsRain/> and 'agitated space'. His
 interdisciplinary work includes collaboration for the experimental
animation "Hike Hike Hike", a recent Sundance feature and "best independent
animation"award winner at the New England Film Festival. He recently
presented"Narrative Archaeology" at the Craft/Critique/Culture Conference,
University of Iowa. <http://www.xcp.bfn.org/hight.html>

------------------->Naomi Spellman works in locative media, networked
narrative, video, interactive computer-based works, photography, and graphic
 prints.  Naomi is Artist in Residence at the Media Centre, Huddersfield,
U.K., and teaches in the Interdisciplinary Computing Arts Program at the
University of California, San Diego. <http://project_diary.blogspot.com

------------------>Jeff Knowlton's work with information in virtual space
began with ?a text for the navigational age", shown at VRML Art 2000 and
Siggraph2000.  Currently Artist in Residence,  Digital Research Unit,
Huddersfield, UK, Jeff also teaches at UC San Diego and designs software for
international clients, such as The Centre for Global Dialogue, Reuschlikon,
Switzerland. <http://druh.co.uk/residencies.html>



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