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Hello all.

There are dual cities in any cityspace.  One is the immediate forms and
function, what is occuring at that time.  Another city also exists in the
same space; the semiotically charged space to be "read" is the unseen data
layers within a city and in time.  Archaeology is not only to dig in soil
and rock to uncover physical artifacts, but to be utilized by artists as
well as writers to discover the resonating layers of data and artifacts of
lost facts and moments.  There are so many physical spaces that are waitng
to be read.  History is in layers, architecture in a space is in
layers(unless all built at same time of course!).  It is fascinating to
think of places like Venice, Italy where it is literally being consumed by
the beauty of the sea and the soil beneath it (the city was built on a
spongelike soil and marsh composite that is compressing over time even as
sea level rises).  How would this translate to layers of different times?
Of Venice itself as it changes, how would sound and metaphor interpret the
very physicality of it?

Jeremy Hight

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