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>hi ruben and agnese,

I completely agree that the line between "science" and "art" is thin and
at times can simply vanish (as the two are far more similar than people
give credit).  As a kid I was upset how my accelerated classes assumed we
would just consume everything with high marks across the board.  As a
teenager I was more upset by how things were set apart so distinctly and
sharply.  I teach multimedia, but I also teach english composition and
have taught creative writing.  I teach poetry as an analog to chemistry. 
You take a question of possibility, exploration and combination and then
you narrow in on specific points and then broaden out to a final
conlusion/endpoint.  It is only one part of many in how I teach poetry,
but is quite valid and actually helps with structure and breaking
structure simultaneously (process and exploration).

I originally trained to be a research meteorologist and was giving
forecasts to neighbors and relatives as a kid.  I find a lot of what
drives me and fascinates me in art and writing is what I was passionate
about (and still am ) in terms of weather ( structure, form, collapse,
patterns, flux, concepts, the unexpected, play, absence as presence....)

One of my best friends is a geneticist and artist and does work exploring
layered poetic spaces in terms of memory, loss, and structures within (she
was also trained as a psychologist). A good portion of genetic art is
playing with tools, while  hers is using it as a dialect within art
practice.  She also teaches a class on ethics and genetic art.

A lot of really interesting new media work stems from explorations of
ideas and tools both of "science" and "art".


 hi ruben, i'm italian too and my name is agnese.. i actually study
> philosophy of aesthetic in bologna
>> i'm from napoli, italy.. i'm a theoretical phisicist and visual artist,
>> interested in the
>> possible contaminations of these two fields, that seem to be so
>> fundamentally separated.. of course this has lead me to study the
>> concept of machine -today it takes the form of computer- and i see that
>> different declinations of this concept appear in math, physics,
>> engineering, visual arts, music, communication science..
> i think that there are a lot of point in common between those new media
> arts and the Physic, as do u said,science, because it's a kind of
> "measurable" object... As Platon said do u remember?
> he spoke about music and said that is was like math because it was
> measurable.. Maybe wisual art has the same characteristic...
> i should be more clear, but i realy can't bicause probably i don' have a
> specific object to speak about
>> recently i havem read a book about, and i'm curious about that,
>> that is how i
>> arrived to this list..
> i've been in berlin and i sow this digital poesis festival, it was very
> interesting...
> that the reason of my subskription...
> and to make my thesis about digital aesthetics, but i should ask to some
> teachers to have the opportunity...
> and maybe the greater dream is to aswer to the people who say that art is
> something different of science and knowledge... hate to them.... from
> me...
> i wrote a short story called "Made in Human" to decribe this transparent
> difference...
> but maybe i'm wrong...
>> the art of making network, i subscribed this list to learn and live
>> something about this..
> "living is thinking"
> cheers
> A.C.
>> kisses,
>> ruben.
>> --
>>        ~(R)~
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