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yes....good point....

The new thread was to be more about layers and cities and technology
etc....but it has been quiet...

I guess I can only speak from within meteorology...

I found interpretaion of layers of subtext and slippage that incorporated
calibrations in math.  For the "right as rain" project I saw how a
conversation about a "warm day" could have agreement on a conversational
level yet disagreement/near disagreement beneath.  The one person may have
been from florida and the other from minnesota so warm day could be around
a certain range for each with a certain thin point of convergence/crossing
that language and social mores only touched from there it was
looking at a word like "angry"  .......annoyed? perturbed? enraged?....a
broad range yet all fit under the umbrella......

so the language/textual sections and weather data were set to to
mathematical callibrations of flux and slippage......this was more
interesting to me as it used the hard structure of  number systems for
something about flux and what is never "finished" and of a
day, in a system/weather event, in climatology, in geography(latitude and
longitude on globe of various cities setting up different inherent range
probabilities and event cycles by pattern and temperature averages.....

When I was planning on a phd in least working up towards
it .....I had a period of great difficulty with the translation from what
interested me most to mathematical calculation and model data sets
I was going to do field research and also build interactive 3d models of
variant weather scenarios in different parts of the world

later I found that if math was approached (for me anyway ) from a sort of
side exit angle as a way to set points in a progression or to visualize
something of pure concept then it was more open to metaphor ....

I used to make dance music on an old commadore amiga and the program was a
series of channels of numbers pouring down as placeholders in different
sound was actually beautiful like a sort of waterfall of
data (this is in before the matrix!)   I had ideas about artworks
dealing with information unseen in the packets of number places........I
was also doing a lot of sketches for a project I never got to that was
going to place functional theramins within the unseen
was tangible (absence as presence) and interaction would be integrated
into the work.........I thought also of building numerical models of
impossible a scientific computer model of what would
happen if a mountain disappeared as far as climatology in los angeles...

I would be really interested to hear more about what other people think
about these issues

> Wouldn't this depend on the branch of science under consideration? In
> quantum physics/electrodynamics, etc., one's almost always engaged with
> the math, and translation has always seemed problematic to me; metaphors
> slip out. Certainly with meteorolog there are close and interpenetrated
> ties; I assume we're all following Francis...
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