[-empyre-] Correction re Spectropolis

Dear -empyre- 

In recent pr for September I sent out by mistake some inaccuracies about
jeff and naomi's work.  Here's the correct bit.

Sorry for any confusion...the most important part is that the 'interpretive
engine' in the case of the new york installation is not gps based. J



 Their locative media artwork "34 north 118 west" uses gps data and
>> interactive map that triggers live data through movement in downtown LA.
>> "34 north 118 west" premiered November 15, 2002 at the Art in Motion
>> Festival. It won the grand jury prize at Aim IV in 2003
>> <http://www.usc.edu/dept/matrix/aim/aimIV/>
>> Collaborative artworks have also shown at LA Freewaves, Futuresonic, and
>> online at <http://www.mediatopia.net/>
>> In New York at the beginning of October, Naomi and Jeff will debut a new
>> 'interpretive engine' for various places on earth, which uses wireless APs
>> in New York to determine more generalised location: see  Spectropolis:
>> Mobile Media, Art and the City, NYC <http://www.spectropolis.info/>
 soundart performance videoinstallation multimedia painting theory


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