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You write

I really liked how in 34n there is no separation of critical and creative
voice sudden chunk of philosophy to frame is integrated into
an experientially driven mode that has both contents by the nature of
juxtaposition and layering as one moves.

- but isn't there an economy and a political economy at work here? The technology is really central to this work; one needs a laptop or at least a relatively expensive wireless pda for most of it, not to mention GPS for some pieces. So the audience is already to some extent predetermined, whereas if the pieces were physical, _there,_ they'd be opened up. I know this is antithetical, but when one speaks of locativity or the body, which are intensely related, then the techne of the body, instrumental reason, the machinic, all come into play - and with this the very gadgetry that one might want to ignore. At least with my laptop, to take an absurd/ mundane example - I couldn't see walking too far with it, certainly not opened; my body would have to be configured protectively around it, etc.

What I believe is necessary, and perhaps you have already worked with these, is the kind of tech that's used in museums with wireless now. But then there would have to be a central/distribution point.

Is there a way to use Wap/sms?

Finally, surely there are class/economic/political issues involved in this in terms of the technology?

Forgive me if I've missed some of the posts dealing with this.

- Alan

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