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If you can, perhaps some URLs about the state of these things here? The US is notorious for its slowness of adaptation; the cost is also relatively high.

- Alan

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Naomi Spellman wrote:

ly around it, etc.

What I believe is necessary, and perhaps you have already worked with these, is the kind of tech that's used in museums with wireless now. But then there would have to be a central/distribution point.

Is there a way to use Wap/sms?

Alan: WAP, SMS, micro video, multi-channel sound, WIFI, are all possible today for this kind of work, but the phones and service for all these media mobile are possible on few models and not all services. And the US is several years behind asia and europe in both model features and provider services. In the UK one can use tag n'scan for graffitti projects and maps to create something similar to the kinds of things we are doing, sharing a map among a group - tag n'scan is a commercial service, and mobile provide Orange provides the same capability in the UK. botfighters in scandanavia and mogi in japan are location aware mobile games with sophisticated graphics, which incorporate some of the ideas "locative media" practioners address but in game format - surely, the one format that will survive!

For our work the screen space is helpful for navigational maps and media.
Also processing power, wireless card, stereo audio are important. so as
far as end users personal euqipment goes, laptops make the most sense in
the states now. but hopefully not for long. i will be the last onboard, my
students make fun of me for my unsophisticated telecom gadgets.

Finally, surely there are class/economic/political issues involved in
in terms of the technology?

Always, with new technolgies. once upon a time not everyone had clocks. i
don't mean that in a snide way, rather, it is hard to imagine what devices
captured theimagination of societies in different timeframes. and how
those same technolgoies are taken for granted today, those that aren't
Forgive me if I've missed some of the posts dealing with this.

- Alan

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