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If the definition of augmented space the layering of data over that space, to me this implies not only "augmented reality" (situating data visually or otherwise over an area), but other data processing intended to tell you where to go (versus art that tells you something about where you are). This is an area of active research for C5. In early C5 experiments (circa 2001) we discovered that not only do private ownership and land patents create problems, but so does ground cover. (I am no fan of chaparral.)

As it turns out, in another collaboration (with Paula Poole) I have for a long time indulged a fascination with the Great Basin and Mojave deserts (that lie adjacent to us, having spent our lives in California...) These turn out to be *ideal* places for work where access to large tracts of public land, fairly accessible in both a legal and pedestrian sense, is required. So I would definitely have to say, personally, the Great Basin deserts of Nevada, Utah, California. wrote:

To all eyes pointed toward empyre:

If you could pick one place in the world to use some form of locative
technology to "read" where would you choose and why? What place fascinates you with architecture, natural forms, layout, decay and/or

It could be paris or a vacant lot.

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