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> More of a layered reading of all that is in place from different times,
moments, architecture, movements, what is lost, what is present, what
can comment and collide with what is seen as much as "reading" unseen
information(s).  You could map multiple berlins, different times,
different layers in physical city, in metaphorical references/ sense of
the city, comment on the layers in time and even slip from one to other
on a physical map and in what is to be seen and/or heard in a certain
physical location. Also, what can be read of movement in the city, of
traffic, of walkways, of how one navigates, and of the physical shifts
in perspective with distance would that be read and translated
experientially and through metaphors and shifts in artistic content
(sound, music, visual etc..)

travelling salesmen off in his 54 buick...

Dear empyreans,
>> On Thu, 9 Sep 2004 wrote:
>> >>> To all eyes pointed toward empyre:
>> >
>> > If you could pick one place in the world to use some form of locative
>> > technology to "read" where would you choose and why?  What place
>> > fascinates you with architecture, natural forms, layout, decay and/or
>> > redevelopment.....etc?
>> >
> i like this sort of question. it's like the travelling salesman. my answer
> is Berlin. but it's already been done. innumerable times. is data a new
> mythology of place - this sort of augmentation you're talking about? what
> is
> literacy  - or the novel's relationship to place? like say gregor von
> rezzori's reading of Berlin. more questions for the academicised empyrean
> travelling salesman.
> yours
> simon taylor
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