Re: [-empyre-] Locative fiction and poetry

jason: i had mentioned 2 apps in the UK which do exactly this for mobile
phones there, but in the u.s., i dont' know of any plug and play app. but
i imagine a number of people on this list who have developed such apps
could help you possibly?

> Not sure if this fits the topic or already been
> addressed. But I am looking to develop a program, or
> find a program that will utilize GPS readings on
> mobile devices to "place" text and images etc...into
> the landscape. Specifically I am searching for a red
> and write program that can be used to write in a
> location and then attach a GPS reading to that bit,
> and then offer a reader and raw file to someone where
> they can only read it at that GPS location.
> Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
> cheers, Jason Nelson
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mining the urban landscape

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