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In June of this year an international workshop was held here in Iceland
called Trans-Cultural Mapping: Iceland inside and out. Several projects
came out of it, most of them based on application creation, all of which
has been released under the GPL. The workshop was part of a larger
project titled Trans Cultural Mapping, organized by RIXC in Latvia. Most
of the participants had been involved in mapping projects before and we
were getting a bit tired of reinventing the wheel each time we wanted to
do something. So perhaps you can find something usefull in our code. All
relevant info is at

Pall Thayer

On fÃs, 2004-09-17 at 03:59, Jason Nelson wrote:
> Dear all,
> Thanks for the links regarding the various
> applications out there. It does seem that most people
> are creating their own applications. But what I am
> going to have to suss out is where are the
> commonalities in the softwares. My hope is to apply,
> here in Australia, for a major grant to develop an
> easy to use program, that is two way for input and
> reading of the data. And then as part of that program,
> to gather up all the interested writers and artists
> and do some nation-wide story mapping etc...
> So if there are other university folks in Australia
> out there that want to be involved, please do let me
> know. Or if others are working on a similar grant,
> maybe we can pool our resources.
> Do let me know...
> cheers, Jason
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Pall Thayer

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