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I would have to say that this approach doesn't really work. The location
doesn't generate data itself. It's static. Although, there are stations
here in Iceland where they have stationary, high-precision GPS receivers
that measure the movement of the tectonic plates, but that's not the
same thing. Dropping a GPS device in a vacant lot isn't going to give
you any data unless someone picks it up and steals it. I would have to
visit the location and see what's going on. Are there any people or
anything mobile that have some specific relation to the location?
Perhaps a street cleaner or bike courier in the newly built city center
or some animal in the stretch of desert. If the desert area is in fact
the same length and width as the autobahn, maybe it would be interesting
to use an animal in the desert and a truck driver on the autobahn and
see how they harmonize.


On fÃs, 2004-09-17 at 17:24, wrote:
> If you see a city and you see data, how do you see the two in
> juxtaposition or integration?  If you were presented with either a vacant
> lot where a historical theater once stood, a stretch of nondescript desert
> in the same length and width as the autobahn, or a city center newly
> built, which would you choose to work with?
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