Re: [-empyre-] location and data

Dear empyreans,
I know I'm off-centre with regard to this discussion - if not off-key - but

"re-inscribing the body in information seems always to emerge as the
pressing issue"

isn't the body already at stake in 'information', at risk even? isn't it
incumbent on an artistic employment of the tech to come to terms with,
explore and clarify - if only by subversion/blurring - how, in what way, by
what means, the body/bodies of us and others is/are at stake and at risk? so
finding the risk and risking it in order not to be replicating or simply
doing the work of the patent-holding corporation's marketing department?

and doesn't the shift in emphasis in 'convergence' strategems - from the
localisable static 'smart-house' or 'infotainment-home' to the new
generation cells - point to a technology that converges exactly on the
mobile individual? the successful fetishisation of mobile-phones relative to
PC's - expecially in the Japanese market - has surely been an indicator in
this shift in thinking about where info-techs converge.

lying about placing, dissimulating locative information, making a fiction -
or a history - of where one is and is not might mean a reversal of
positivist intentions behind the tech but surely cannot be considered

and don't info-techs constitute a single medium regardless of
linearity/non-linearity, narrativity or non-narrativity (the latter is
usually gestural if not apocryphal) in that specific arena of attempting to
articulate their own (its own) reflexivity? (at which no more than a
sporting chance?)

simon taylor

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