[-empyre-] Re: location mapping

Hi Jason,
i think this is an excellent idea.
I was thinking of putting the call out within my own campus on some bluetooth/online development.
To manage phone/pda location/logging. I'm sure there is heaps out there. I know of one piece of software that logs
the fight paths of gliders and maps it to a 3d map of time/height and bearing. we should meet...
cheers Ian

And then as part of that program,
to gather up all the interested writers and artists
and do some nation-wide story mapping etc...

So if there are other university folks in Australia
out there that want to be involved, please do let me
know. Or if others are working on a similar grant,
maybe we can pool our resources.

Do let me know...

cheers, Jason

Ian Hobbs
 @ lens
11/36 Louisa Rd.
Birchgrove 2041

Lecturer in Digital Media and Design
University of Newcastle
University of Western Sydney



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