Re: [-empyre-] location and data

I'm interested in this terminology distinction between "mobile media" and "location sensitive media", seems like "location sensitive" is a subgroup of "mobile". Of course since the field is emerging we're in the process of developing the language, so this discussion has been very interesting to me in terms of vocabulary and terminology. Some terms we've been using in terms of our locative work at C5 are "non-urban" and "data focused", as our work has been focusing on non-urban landscapes and a primary interest is the intersection of data sets and what the mingling of data sets reveals about the landscape: an evolving layer to a holistic landscape view.

Looking forward to Terri's further definition of "re-inscription". Locative media as with much telepresent tech before it brings interesting crossovers between the observer/participant body.

geri wittig

Mobile media inhabits the realm of the common and
pragmatic. it is low art in its engagement of mundane communication and
navigation functions. Location sensitive media are deployed in the realms
of performance, architecture, urban studies, historiography, storytelling,
personal narratives, geography, navigeering, tourism to mention a few
overlaps. it doesn't ask to be considered under the criteria applied to
art, and it functions in ways not associated with art.

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