R: [-empyre-] David Cuartielles Presentation

Hi David and hi all!!
Unfortunately, it seems I cannot spend that much time on the list, these
Please do forgive my english, it gets worse when I'm that tired and
overloaded... : )

Anyway, just a few very short opinions, since I, like you (David) , have
been thinking over&over about the following:

> I don't really consider myself an artist, since I never studied to become

art, fortunately, is quite knowledge-free! or, at least, it pretends to
an artist is (or should be?) that human being who makes artifacts that the
public, as well as art professionals, point at as art.
to make a long story short, for example, to call ourselves composers
doesn't' really mean a thing.
vice versa, we'll be easily called musicians if people like our melodies and
recognize real composers behind them!
I'm quite sure that this process doesn't necessarily ask for any educational
certification, so to speak.

> When referring to cognition and perception I always try to 
> make a clear distinction between both. Cognition to me 
> includes the mental analysis and representation of what the 
> human perceives. From this starting point, I have focused in 
> looking for ways to trigger unexpected perceptive phenomena. 
> Talking in terms of system design perception would be the 
> objective part of our input. 

The biggest difference between artist and scientist is that the last one HAS
to explain everything, while the former doesn't.
Even worse, the scientist, before explaining needs to categorize and name
things, events and phenomena and to do so it tries to push them in to cages,
and boxes, with very well defined borders. 
This scientific process, often forgets about the infinite implicit in the
continuity which is represented and rules nature.
Indeed, in my opinion, when talking about perception and (or vs.) cognition
we often  fall in this trap! Somehow...
Oppositely, I'm not that sure that perception stops at the retina level and,
more than that, I'm quite confident that cognitions start at the
"perceptual" level.
This happens, if not at an "individual" (ontogenetic) perception level, at a
phylogenetic one, at least. 
On the other hand, I do with you agree on the existence of the two levels
(cognition and perception), levels that I identify as two different
processes in which the "input processing" and the "computational processing"
are stressed in different ways!


>... To me social art works at a 

I don't understand, but I really want to.
Please, try and define "antisocial art", so that I can realize of what we're
talking about.


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