[-empyre-] David Cuartielles presentation

Hello David and all empyre members,

Thinking about your presentation and the discussion we had here in the last days...

<Using the same metaphor, cognition would be a mixture of the memory of the system and the input in real time. This responds to a model presented by Francisco Varela where a really big portion of the information affecting our brain at every situation ?about 80%- is part of our memory, while the other 20% is perceived there. Let?s say that e.g. I am looking into someone?s face, according to my eyes? visual angle it is not possible to literally ?see? the whole face at once. However, I can move the focus point of my retina quick enough to get an overall blurry image that my brain will have to fill in. It is that action of ?filling in? that I call cognition.>

We know that this "filling in" process This process is also used for representation in science, eg.when you have some parts of the brain of a pacient that were mapped and a software will "fill in" the rest of it to represent the whole brain to the researcher.  
This process of "filling in" is a mixed of pragmatic data (in a statistic approach) but this gives us opportunity to contribute with ways of subjective expression (what Bec's aiming to achieve with his fabulatory epistemology). How do you explore it in other ways, as in your research with hardware/software systems? 



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