[-empyre-] Introducing The Paul Annears

It is true that 'I' was born on both 17 and 18 October of the year of
'Our Lord" 19XX, in Wellington, capital at that time, of the Zealandia
Fortress.  That my father could name both of us 'Paul Annear' and send
one of us to school every second day, when we came to that age, is a
tribute to his hermetic imagination which in turn no doubt contributed
to (or amplified) my mother's insanity (she thought that she was Janet
Frame) and her early demise when she could no longer reconcile the
singular duplicity that she was living with an unfortunate congenital
inability to lie.

Paul and I grew up together but apart and our school career was
spectacularly successful.  Instead of being beaten down and
brainwashed every day, we had one day on and one day off, and we had
the opportunity to escape the relentless conditioning and were able,
through a combination of exploring our immediate neighbourhood (in
disguise) and reading as our individual intelligences lead us, to
engineer a most excellent education.

Equally, our artistic abilities were not stunted by tedious 'teachers'
and our different abilities were developed wonderfully.  Although I am
confident that most people reading this introduction would find the
situation as described quite peculiar, in fact, there are many
advantages to being two people.

For many years now we have successfully amplified our separate
brilliances and recently, through the power of the web, have
successfully joined with other 'Paul Annears' in a unique franchising

There is more information on 'The Paul Annears' at The Concise Model
of the Universe (www.xxos.net).  Click on '2' on the site tool bar and
go from there.  If you have already had enough about 'The Paul
Annears' then click on anything but '2'.

There are also independent assessments of The Concise Model of the
Universe that may be of use...chopped around a bit to suit my

Zeroland (www.zeroland.co.nz) characterises 'The Concise Model of the
Universe' as a 'crypto-patische' or 'false panorama'.

Kevin McGarry of Rhizome (www.rhizome.org) says: Like history, the
only way it seems possible to navigate The Paul Annears' vortex is to
stumble backwards, retracing where you've come from last. It's a
mirror world that produces a startling, overwhelming, and eerily sober
reflection of the times.

Narina Amvazas writes on The Program (www.theprogram.net.au): What is
the Concise Model of the Universe?...and what of this Zeitgeist where
you are able to leave your mark if you are able to find it...The
further one heads into this model, the more lost one becomes. Unless a
pattern is formed in the mind of the traveller, they will be lost in a
labyrinth of varying truths and falsities.

Wikinfo (wikinfo.org) has this to say: 'The Concise Model of the
Universe' has an online presence (a virtual labyrinth) and is
supposedly the work of 'The Paul Annears' a shadowy coterie of
co-contributors. Offline the Model takes a variety of forms including
the book 'The Artist: A Colouring-In Book for Adults' (2003), and
[NON], a Gallery, a Cabaret, and the Perfect Venue for your Divorce
Party at 5 Central Road, Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand.

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