Re: [-empyre-] chipping in

Hi everyone,
The point about isolation is a valid one, but I do think the more significant issue is the economic and social infrastructure of nz arts. It is like the artists are not themselves isolated, as most of us operate within some kind of international sphere, but our practice is isolated from new zealand audiences. This is the key difference I have noticed between nz and Australia. Living between the two countries has been interesting and has tested my preconceptions of both. I feel confident that nz is a pacific country, australia I am not sure, it's eyes seem directed elsewhere. Particularly in terms of mainstream politics, it can be a very long way from nz. Historically, I can go into the galleries in sydney and see paintings by nz artists labelled as australian, and I even found Len Lye claimed as Australian! The tug of war seems to be about nationalistic ownership, I'm not sure if this is something particularly antipodean!? The demise of new media funding in .au is absolutely tragic. Hopefully it does not have the same impact that the shunting around of funding for film did in nz during the 80s and 90s.

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