Re: [-empyre-] kicking in

Dear Melinda and soft space

To be born from and into that soft autophagic space I am and we are
both localised and universal.

Dunedin music is distinct from Wellington music is distinct from Auckland music.

Pepsi tastes different from Coke tastes different from Thums Up.

The light experienced from the train from Madrid to Paris in Spain is
shockingly different from the light in France just over the border
from the same train.

The web has many flavours, is there a New Zealand flavour?

Here is a story from this mornings web which can also be found on The
Concise Model of the Universe (, but not easily:

Aid Shambles on Andaman Islands Leaves Thousands at Risk from Hunger and Disease

03 January 2005

The relief operation in India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been
so poor that starving tsunami survivors kidnapped a senior government
official to demand food supplies.

Speaking at a refugee camp in Port Blair yesterday, Lilly Ooman said
she was one of a group of survivors who captured the most senior
official on Great Nicobar, the assistant commissioner, together with
the local police chief.

Ms Ooman told how she and a party of survivors had to trek for days
through dense jungle after their village in Campbell Bay was
completely destroyed by the tsunami. There was no rescue mission in
that area of the island and no air drop of food supplies.

"After four days of starving we got to HQ to find out what was going
on," she said. "We found the assistant commissioner eating platefuls
of biryani, along with the DSP [Deputy Superintendent of Police] and
the SHO [another senior policeman]. We told them: 'While we are
starving you are eating, you didn't do any rescue. There are dead
bodies lying all over the island and you have not done anything to
bury them, you are here enjoying yourselves'."

Ms Ooman said the survivors were also enraged to hear that official
reports said only four people had died on the island, when they had
seen large numbers of bodies. The angry party, exhausted and starving
after their ordeal in the jungle, took the assistant commissioner,
Soaman Naidu, and the DSP captive.

"The men were angry. They told them: 'You will see the situation for
yourselves'. But after a short time we realised it wasn't the right
thing to do and let them go."

Squating here in front of this primitive device I am transported
sideways in time to Samosir Island.  Such beautiful peaceful war-like
people.  Such wonderful carved incestious longhouses.  Such delicious
food.  Such intelligent shit-eating pigs.

I would argue that there is no New Zealand flavour, and nothing
special about the web prescence generated by the inhabitants of the
Land of the Wrong White Crowd.

I would say that there is inevitably a difference.

More later.

A Paul Annear

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