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hi marc,
definitely there are maori & pacific island artists working in new media, here in nz & overseas. i have to confess that at the moment my brain is working slowly & not many names are jumping out, but one who does spring to mind is maru nihoniho who is a games developer; she manages her own company now but her background is in 3d modelling, animation etc. one of her games, the guardian ( has a female maori main character.

there are a lot of maori visual artists whose work incorporates digital, also in the music industry & vj ... perhaps someone can help me out with some names here? there are a number of maori art web sites buti haven't found one that deals specifically with maori digital art (there probably is one ... )

if you do a search for maori art & artists you are more likely to find traditional art forms, & i think (correct me if i'm wrong, someone) that the focus of funding for maori & pacific arts has tended to be on the traditional (eg carving, traditional performing arts, language etc). the renaissance in maori art & culture is still fairly recent so still tends to be driven by the desire to preserve arts & crafts that were potentially going to disappear.

there's also a distinction between maori (who are the tangata whenua, indigenous people of aotearoa) & pacific island / polynesian peoples who are not indigenous but who have brought strong artistic practices with them & have had a strong influence on arts & culture, particularly in the north parts of the country.

h : )

As you say, Polynesian & Asian cultures have a strong influence in NZ. I was wondering if you know of any indgenious people living in New Zealand who who are curently practising in New media themselves, or anything close to it at least?


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