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Yes, Serres parasite is a great discussion, mostly because of the way he shifts between the cultural, social and biological in such a way as to break down these supposed material distinctions. Reminds me of the kid's game: animal, mineral, vegetable.

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I somewhat agree with you, but noise _is_ universal, related to the second law of thermodynamics, quantum probability, etc. You might be interested in a book by Michel Serres, The Parasite - which develops a theory of 'the parasite,' related to noise, and culturally-productive and essential. Then there's Flores' and Winograd's work Understanding Computers and Cognition; they draw on Heidegger and notions of 'the broken.' - Alan

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Hi alan,
I began thinking about noise when I did a brief catch up on information theory and became interested in all these large arrows pointing into the 'communications models'. The arrows were consistently labeled noise! And it seemed to be a (paradoxical ) constant. I think noise has developed for me now into a metaphorical term which finds its way as a traveller between analogue and digital models. I'd be reluctant to label it (or anything for that matter) universal. To me, the occurrence of noise, both visual and sonic, is aesthetic but also material, so it is quite specific and located, rather than universal. However this contradicts my first point that noise seems to appear everywhere in the models - i guess it is this contradiction that interests me the most. I think of digital media as inherently contradictory, and this is what keeps me interested, it is simultaneously pervasive and specific.

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