Re: [-empyre-] noise- boundary-empire

three blurry thoughts --noise -- for me, the point of improv is not to make noise some kind of overarching category of sound, but to enable manipulations which shift categories, (like Cage did to silence and emptiness - suddenly silence was all filled up!)
--boundary -- Maybe it is an idealist position, where cultural hegemonies are actually not power struggles but positive forces for re-alignment of political positions. I think of the strength of indigenous Maori work like that by Nathan Pohio and Rachael Rakena, both of whom quietly infiltrate a personal position with a broader political agenda.
--- empire -- I'm not sure if .nz does have a centre, this must be one of its strengths. Travelling around the South Island I find mention of early 19th century european settlement and decisions about the location of the political capital city. (collingwood!)

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